Backyard Design — Silverdale

Whether for a commercial business or your personal backyard, we’ll deliver to you custom, quality landscaping at the right price. Here are some examples from a backyard design we completed in Silverdale.

Commercial Landscaping in Bremerton

Commercial Landscaping — Bremerton

There is much more to commercial landscaping than making everything “pretty.” Landscaping helps signify permanence and potential, it helps show that your company has ‘put down roots’ and you’re here to stay. These photos are from a commercial landscaping project we worked on in Bremerton, Washington.

arbor and trellis design

Arbor & Trellis Design — Manette

Trellises serve many function from providing shade, to anchoring paths and gateways. They can even be used for adding height to a garden by providing a support for climbing plants to grow on. What do you think of this arbor and trellis design we did for this project in Manette?

Bed renovations in Bremerton

Bed Renovation — Bremerton

You don’t always have to completely replace your garden beds, sometimes they just need a little help. This was a bed cleanup and renovation project in Bremerton, Washington.