Sprinkler Irrigation

Irrigation Installation


Lawns, landscapes, and planting beds require attentive watering and upkeep. Luckily, we at Brookside are equipped and eager to ease your concerns regarding the required watering with our irrigation installation. We work hard to design and install sprinkler systems that will efficiently water your landscapes. In support of our promise for sustainable methods and being conscience of water consumption, we know that it is important that we use water the correct way and to prevent waste. 

Garden Sprinkler Repair

Repair and Renovation

Repair and

Over time, all sprinkler systems require repair, maintenance, and renovation. This is a concern for many homeowners, but Brookside is here to help. Not only can we install your irrigation system, but we are happy to monitor it to ensure you continue to have good coverage while also replacing any broken valves, heads, and nozzles. Our system maintenance will keep your landscape and lawn looking fresh throughout every season. If your sprinkler system has been an asset to your yard for many years, it is good to remember that this, like your landscape, requires renovation over time. If you are looking for a new landscape, it may be best to consider renovating your sprinkler system as well.

Rain Flowers

Rain Gardens


Rain gardens act as a miniature forest by collecting, absorbing, and filtering stormwater runoff. This can come from rooftops, driveways, patios, or any other landscaped area that does not allow water to soak into the soil. This is an excellent option for properties that have issues with water build-up and lack of drainage. It can also be used as a way to clean and filter water that is returning to the public waterways; in this way, rain gardens are beautiful and effective ways for landscapes that have natural streams cutting through them to clean polluted runoff. Brookside is certified through Washington State University’s extension program to install rain gardens.