Lawn Installation

Lawns are the basis for many landscapes, even when no lawn was previously present. The quality of these new lawns stem directly from the success of its establishment to the soil. These turf establishments begin with diligent planning. Knowledge of the soil’s conditions an understanding the environmental requirements for turf grasses is critical for an ideal lawn. It all comes down to the health of the soil. We at Brookside take into account that all sites provide a different base from which to work, therefore we take the time to prepare the soil appropriately. This critical step allows us to ensure a healthy lawn that will flourish in the given landscape.

Lawn Renovation

Occasionally, a landscape provides turf with which we can work. Lawns that are already present, but needs a little extra care require renovation. In order to restore a lawn, our team works through a process to increase the lawn’s health. We begin by aerating, or poking small holes in the ground to improve the exchange of air between the soil and atmosphere. Then we move into dethatching, which removes the dead grass and roots, before looking into topdressing with a thin layer of soil and organic fertilizer. While the steps may seem daunting, lawn renovation is often a more practical and cost-effective option when considering what to do with your turf.

Man installing Lawn

Lawn Renovations

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