Repair & Renovation

There are many reasons why a pond or water feature may need some work done on it. We want to help bring it back to its glory days.

  • Fix your pond so friends and family can enjoy it
  • Escape outside with your family without feeling frustrations around your pond
  • Turn your pond into the beautiful Oasis it was supposed to be.

How much longer are you going to wait to fix your problem water feature?

Common Problems We Fix

  • The Pond Is Leaking
  • The Water Is Discolored
  • Your Pump Needs Replacing

Repair Vs. Renovation

Will Simply “Fixing” Your Feature Do The Trick?

For some of our clients, just putting a patch on their water feature doesn’t get them excited.

If fixing your water feature is enough, then our job is done. If it doesn’t, then a full water feature renovation may make sense.

Have You Inherited A Water Feature? An Exploratory Drain & Clean Might Be Just For You!