Are you looking for a landscaping company in Kitsap County? Maybe you want some new pathways in Gig Harbor WA. Most companies are willing to take on your project, but some can give you better service and results than others. So how can you choose the right landscape service? It starts with the 3 Ps of successful landscaping.

What are the 3 Ps?

The top companies separate themselves from the competition and stand out from the crowd. They follow a basic philosophy based on:

  • People – a successful landscaper surrounds his or herself with the most qualified and experienced employees.
  • Process – the entire process of landscaping is based on meeting your needs. What the landscaper wants and needs is not an issue.
  • Product – giving the client a quality product (new landscape or hardscape features like garden ponds, pathways, and plants).

Designing Your New Landscape

Your new project starts with a landscape design to perfectly meet your needs. A skilled designer works with you and helps you choose features you want. He or she shows you what works best to make sure your outdoors is not only beautiful but has curb appeal and offers as little maintenance and upkeep as possible.


A responsible landscaper understands Earth is the only home we have and gives you a landscape design which blends in with nature and does not harm it. Click here to find the right landscaping service for your Gig Harbor WA home or business. Your landscaping professionals at Brookside Landscape and Design are here to serve your needs.